About Us

Since 2006 we have been manufactured road legal, bespoke number plates to private customers, as well as manufacturing and supplying a number of specialist plate-making components to the industry. We are market leaders in the license plate industry, continually investing in new technology to create innovative, long-lasting custom number plates. Call us to order on 07466 541 541

Bespoke number plates while you wait

As car enthusiasts ourselves we know the rush of buying something new for your prized-possession, and it’s even better when you don’t have to wait for delivery! That’s why, when you visit us in Birmingham, we’ll make your order on the spot while you wait. Call us to order on 07466 541 541

Our History

The origins of Plate Factory began in 2006, supplying pressed metal plates and machinery as the sole UK distributor for one of the largest number plate manufacturers in Europe. As trends changed so did we, and we began offering bespoke number plate designs made to order from our Birmingham factory. We were the first to pioneer 3D gel number plates to the masses over ten years ago and since then we’ve continued to work on our range of plate designs. Our success with the 3D gel number plates directly influenced their popularity within the car enthusiast community and we have continued to build on this ever since!

After the triumph of the 3D gel number plates, we expanded our offering to include 4D Laser Cut number plates. Plate Factory was one of the first UK companies to offer 4D laser cut number plates and we have been delivering superior quality plates ever since. As a forerunner of number plate manufacturing and equipment we continue to invest in new technology and develop new products to keep the market moving with innovation and expertise. Call us to order on 07466 541 541

“An item which is considered to be a boring and necessary requirement on road vehicles in the UK is now finally the pièce de résistance on my 'not so standard' car! - Thanks Plate Factory!"

Our Products & Services

We are a leading supplier of bespoke number plates for clients who want to make their vehicles stand out with our ‘While You Wait’ and professional fitting service.

We also manufacture and supply components to the industry and our raw material suppliers include one of the largest manufacturers of pressed plates in Europe and one of the largest manufacturers of plastics in the UK. Call us to order on 07466 541 541

Plate Factory - Services
2D Traditional Number Plates

Keep it traditional and maintain the corporate look of your vehicle with our ready-made, 2D (flat) number plates. 2D plates are available in a range of textures including Flat Black plates, 3D Look plates, Carbon Look plates and Hi-Line plates.

Our 2D number plate methods utilise 3mm acrylic on top of reflective to ensure the plates stay crisp and wrinkle-free throughout their lifetime. The acrylic also provides superior stone-chip resistance to standard plates.

Learn more about our 2D number plates service here.

Plate Factory - Services
3D Gel Number Plates

For a number plate that stands out we offer over 20 road legal styles of 3D gel plate. This includes Black Gel, Carbon Gel, 3D-Look Gel, and Nova Gel. Our entire gel range is made in the UK and comes with a lifetime guarantee as our promise to you that your plates will stay perfect throughout.

Learn more about our 3D gel number plates service here.

Plate Factory - Services
4D Laser Cut Number Plates

The latest in number plate technology, our 4D laser cut plates are available on over 20 different styles. Produced and designed in-house by our team of engineers and CAD operators, our 4D styles can be combined with our gel range to give you hundreds of road legal number plate options.

Learn more about our 4D gel number plates service here.