3D Gel Number Plates

Do you want your car to really stand out? Try our premium 3D gel number plates!

About Our 3D Gel Number Plates Service

At Plate Factory we were one of the first personalised number plate printers to offer 3D gel number plates to the masses. Our 3D number plates are fully road legal for use on UK roads and comply with the BS AU 145d British Standards. Made with a polyurethane gel resin, you can add our 3D gel characters to any plate size of your choice.

Using premium grade materials, our 3D gel plates are available in a variety of finishes including brushed carbon gel, glitter gel, and coloured gel such as ruby, topaz, and emerald. Our lifetime guarantee gives you peace of mind that your plates will last – even when jet washed, while our premium acrylic is chip resistant to keep your plates perfect.

Our 3D gel number plates can be customised as much as you want – with our range of sizes, colours, and finishes you can design the number plate of your dreams.